Campus and city tour

5 July, 2006 at 8:19 (Uncategorized)

Yesterday we went on a tour of Hong Kong which took us to Hong Kong Island (the University is located in Kowloon).  Our final destination was Victoria Peak, but we stopped at a few places on the way. It was a great, although somewhat rushed,tour.  A local guide told me that rent for places on the peak – at the location where I asked anyway – would be about $20000 HKD per month, so about $4000 AUD.  Basically, the peak is for people who are earning pretty good money, most of whom – I was also told – would have private drivers to take them to work in Hong Kong Island central each day.

Along the way we stopped at a few places; Aberdeen, an old fishing village – where we went on a boat tour and had a collision with another boat followed by much exchanging of deleted exploitives which i’m told involved mothers and sisters among other things; Repulse bay, a swimming beach which was in the past a haven for pirates; and Stanley, pretty much expatriateville with western style restaurants and the Stanley market, one of those quintessential Asian markets with hundreds of stalls selling all sorts of clothing, toys, painting, trinkets etc.

I must say for my first experience of a “herded” tour of a city, I quite enjoyed it.  I’ll be going back to the peak armed with my SLR camera though as I didn’t take it and there are some great shots to be had.  I will post some shots other students took once I get them.


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