NTA Part 1: Hong Kong Heritage Museum

10 July, 2006 at 23:03 (Hong Kong)

On sunday I went by train to what are called the New Territories. These are basically the satellite cities between Hong Kong and the mainland cities such as ShenZhen. I like to think of the new territories as the suburbs of hong kong since the towns are anywhere from 10 to 50 minutes away from Kowloon by the train (KCR line).

My first stop was at Tai Wai (actually the first stop in the new territories) where I visited the HK Heritage Museum. It’s a great museum, and like all the other museums I’ve been to here, very cheap. Entrance was only $10 HKD so less than $2 AUD. They have a variety exhibits here from traditional chinese art type displays to modern themed exhibits. The special exhibit on when I visited was called “MEGAartStore”, it was pretty strange actually, basically comprised of all modern day objects (packaging) such as food stuffs from a supermarket. They also had plastic casts of modern weaponry and a real (what looked real) tank which was covered in wood on the outside, but was still metal on the inside. Sounds strange to describe, but was very interesting.

Oh, while I was there I met a couple who had studied at the University of Melbourne. What was funny is that we had seen each other on the train, but didn’t chat, and then I saw them at the museum and remembered each other from the train. Since I didn’t see them on the way to the museum, nor do i recall them getting off at the same station as me, I assume I went a fairly innefficient way, but got a short city tour for my troubles :).

There was also a buddhist (I think buddhist) temple in Tai Wai, but I had other places to visit and didn’t get time to go there. Maybe next time…

NTA(New Territories Adventure) Part 2 coming soon…


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