11 July, 2006 at 0:27 (Uncategorized)

Got my first film from the SLR developed today, they came out beautifully.  Very well developed for about $7 aud.  People will get to see them when I return I guess, I will be building up an album, and will have plenty more to develop in the coming year.

Also, for more spontaneous snaps and blog related shots, I think I will be purchasing this digital camera:

The reviews appear to be good, and its not too expensive, around $500 aud with a 512mb memory stick.



  1. Triet said,

    Your trip becomes more interesting…

    By the way, is it true that instead of greeting “how are you?”, Hongkong people say “have you eaten yet?”


    Thanks for the comment Triet.  Yeh, in Chinese you can say “Ni chi le ma?” as a greeting.  Shows us how central eating is in Chinese culture.

  2. rp said,

    When are we getting some photos TK?

  3. sim said,

    Hey Tris, back in sunny Melbourne now where it’s freezing cold and wet. At least I’m not being shoved by Italians. Anyway, haven’t got round to reading all your blog entries, I will when I wake up a bit, still jetlagged.

    That camera looks nice, especially for that price! But the examples on that page aren’t a very convincing comparison, unless of course that “conventional” camera on the far right is a very old sony, circa 2mp period that would have sold for $200. Either that or it’s a phone camera. Besides, what digital camera uses an ISO of 100 in low light?

    Anywho, the trip (my one) was awesome, Prato was brilliant, Roma was a little crazy, Toulouse was beautiful and Barça was amazing. Sorry I wasn’t able to divert to Hong Kong from KL. But we’ll compare notes elsewhere… besides this [i]is your blog[/i] afterall [selfish simon].

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