23 July, 2006 at 13:52 (Uncategorized)

I should mention (since the album is not very sophisticated yet) that the photos I posted are from the following areas:

  •  View from my window at the dorms.
  • Inside the dorms (corridors etc)
  • On our way to Lantau
  • Bridge connecting Lantau island to kowloon peninsula (i think its the kowloon  peninsula)
  • Tai O Fishing village on Lantau island
  • Big Buddha on Lantau

    Can’t remember what else.  If I find a better (free) photo album which has comments, I will change to something like that so I can post comments about each photo.  Until then just use your imagination…



  1. sarah said,

    ive yet to check out the photos or anything, but i think lets you comment and whatnot (if thats what you wanted for a photo album) so yeah check them out.

  2. sim said,

    some great photos tris, keep up the photography! thanks for the email too. it’s interesting to see what’s going on.

  3. Em said,

    Hey Tris thoses photos are super cool : ) Especially the one with you in it, i was surprised that you were actually in a photo lol… Miss You!

    T. Yeh I made an appearance for the people… ;).   Glad you like the shots.

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