Yindu cai zai Chungking mansion

27 July, 2006 at 20:25 (Hong Kong)

There is an infamous building in Hong Kong called the Chungking mansions, basically its a mixed use building comprising accomodation, food, shopping and who knows what else. Here, read about it yourself:


Anyhoo, friends in Hong Kong took me to an Indian place (Yindu cai = Indian cuisine) at Chungking early in my stay in Hong Kong and I liked it so much I decided to go back with some of my class mates.

The restaurant is called the Delhi Club, to get there you have to catch a dodgy (and tiny) elavator to the 4th floor. Upon exiting the elevator, there are basically two doors, one straight ahead, and one to your right. Inside these doors is the seating for the restaurant. But the thing is, there are no windows, its just like two private rooms in somebodies house (a windowless house). It must be such a firehazard, but that is part of the adventure of going there.

So, about six of was went and it was good to eat something different for a change. Plus the Indians that i’ve come across here all speak english really well, so ordering is no problem. The curries and naan were pretty good, not as good as Curry Curry though, that is supreme Yindu cai.

I will try to take some photos of Chungking if I go past there again, I didn’t have a camera when i went previously. A cool place with heaps of character, but I think I prefer staying in the Uni dorms :).


1 Comment

  1. sarah said,

    holy canole! those windowless rooms sound scary man, you need to track down a real chlostrophobe and be like ‘youve never seen such a wide open restaraunt before! and then bam! rabbit hole.
    you know, youre really making me want to travel there, damn you!

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