Pollution in HK

29 July, 2006 at 13:50 (Hong Kong, Uncategorized)

I’ve mentioned a few times to people the pollution in HK.  I don’t know the statistics or anything, but it definitely feels and smells more polluted than Melbourne. 

That is to be expected I guess, given the high population density and thus number of cars and buses.  However, it is claimed by HK that the pollution is actually caused by the mainland.  From all the factories in Guangdong and elsewhere.  A lecturer told us that when the wind blows from the south, the skies are blue, when it blows from the north, the skies are yellow.

Anyway, regardless of this, I still think they need to do something about the emissions from cars and buses here.  Most of the buses run on diesel and the taxis run on LPG.  A push to move all the diesel to biodiesel is not being supported by whoever needs to do so, rather, they are opting for more use of LPG.

They are trying to solve the mainland pollution emissions through cooperation and discussion, so hopefully this will be improved sometime.  As for the local emissions, who knows.



  1. Triet said,

    Melbourne has very clean air compared to most countries in Asia (I don’t know about the rest of the world). Do you notice how often people use their car honks?

    Yeh, I guess we are just lucky there.  But still they could work towards improving it as much as possible.  And yeh, they do seem to use their horns alot here, but less so than on the mainland.  On the mainland, everytime they overtake each other they honk their horns.  I think its somewhat necessary though because the traffic can be so chaotic.  Oh,  one thing that I like that I’ve seen around, they have timers on the lights counting down how long remains.  Oh, and on the mainland, the green walking man actually moves, something like an animated gif.

  2. Arth said,

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