Right, right?

29 July, 2006 at 14:09 (Hong Kong, Uncategorized)

Street norm in HK is for Pedestrians to pass each other on the right.  This is of course the opposite of Melbourne where we pass on the left.  It’s wierd becuse the cars drive on the left the same as in Aus.

Oh, also, people on escalators stand on the right side, leaving the left side free for people in a hurry.

To make things confusing, whenever there are officially stated lanes (such as stairs or something).  They always make you pass on the left.  There is no consistency.

This is a bit of a random observation, but one I have made nonetheless.


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  1. sim said,

    i had the same thing in europe. of course they don’t drive on the same side that we do, but yeah, it’s something you really notice, they get pretty pissed off if you try to walk around their other side. ah, but do the people in HK try to walk INTO you?
    Nah people here definitely don’t try to walk into you, it’s too hot and humid, people avoid physical contact with strangers as much as possible.

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