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occidentally has moved

Just in case you didn’t catch on, Tris can’t access from inside the mainland. Catch all the fun at


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3 August, 2006 at 15:23 (Uncategorized)

I’m heading to ShenZhen tomorrow and from there onto Xiamen in Fujian province. I just booked my accomodation in Xiamen today, so I should stop blogging and go to the travel agency to buy my bus ticket.

This may be the last post I make until I’m in Xiamen. If so, over and out. Send private emails if you want any more details about anything or want me to tell you more about a particular aspect of Hong Kong or whatever. I don’t trust this internet thing so sometimes I try to keep it general on here.

Until then.

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Right, right?

29 July, 2006 at 14:09 (Hong Kong, Uncategorized)

Street norm in HK is for Pedestrians to pass each other on the right.  This is of course the opposite of Melbourne where we pass on the left.  It’s wierd becuse the cars drive on the left the same as in Aus.

Oh, also, people on escalators stand on the right side, leaving the left side free for people in a hurry.

To make things confusing, whenever there are officially stated lanes (such as stairs or something).  They always make you pass on the left.  There is no consistency.

This is a bit of a random observation, but one I have made nonetheless.

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Huzzah for ‘multicultural’ Australia

29 July, 2006 at 14:02 (Uncategorized)

Meeting people from all over the world, it make you appreciate Australia’s diversity all the more.  Compared to the Europeans or Americans, we seem to know much more about different cultures and cuisines etc.  Actually, on this topic, alot of people here are surprised when I tell them a large majority of the non anglo-saxon Australians are bi-lingual.  One person was saying that this is not the case in the US, where you are expected to just speak english (except for the latinos i guess). 

Returning to cuisine, everyone in Australia (well, most people I know :P) knows their way around a Chinese, Italian or Indian menu.  Apart from this, Thai, Vietnamese, Greek, Lebanese, Turkish, a huge variety of foods, it’s available in Melbourne and is usually fairly authentic.

In HK, despite being multicultural to a degree, it still feels like all the foreign cuisine has been heavily localised. 

Anyway, the point of this post I guess is that in todays “globalised” world, I think Australia is a pretty good place to grow up (well, Melbourne at least, I can’t speak for the other cities).

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Pollution in HK

29 July, 2006 at 13:50 (Hong Kong, Uncategorized)

I’ve mentioned a few times to people the pollution in HK.  I don’t know the statistics or anything, but it definitely feels and smells more polluted than Melbourne. 

That is to be expected I guess, given the high population density and thus number of cars and buses.  However, it is claimed by HK that the pollution is actually caused by the mainland.  From all the factories in Guangdong and elsewhere.  A lecturer told us that when the wind blows from the south, the skies are blue, when it blows from the north, the skies are yellow.

Anyway, regardless of this, I still think they need to do something about the emissions from cars and buses here.  Most of the buses run on diesel and the taxis run on LPG.  A push to move all the diesel to biodiesel is not being supported by whoever needs to do so, rather, they are opting for more use of LPG.

They are trying to solve the mainland pollution emissions through cooperation and discussion, so hopefully this will be improved sometime.  As for the local emissions, who knows.

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Cultural tours

27 July, 2006 at 20:33 (Uncategorized)

We’ve been on a couple of cultural tours during our time in Hong Kong.  The two that I havn’t written about yet (the other one being the new territories tour) are the Guangdong tour and the Lantau island tour.

I will write something about these at some point, right now i’m all typed out.  But this post will serve as a reminder for me to expound on these tours and will hopefully whet your appetite for more tales of interest!  Or something like that…

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Updated the map

27 July, 2006 at 20:29 (Uncategorized)

I’ve updated the map with some new points, basically just Hong Kong Island (pretty obvious anyway) and Kowloon.  I’ve also added a marker to show where i’m staying.  Actually the marker is on the building across the road from the dorms, the PolyU halls of residence building is the ‘H’ shaped building south of the marker.

I will try to add some more markers, perhaps one for Chungking, its just hard trying to get the latitude, longitute right with such accuracy. Hmm, maybe I can use google earth to get those details…  Will see how it goes.
Enjoy the view!

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Last day of summer school

27 July, 2006 at 20:08 (Uncategorized)

Well, today was the last day of summer school at PolyU, I can’t believe its been 4 weeks already! It’s strange how it feels like such a long time since I left Melbourne, yet it feels like only yesterday when I arrived in Hong Kong.

Anyway, its been great here, this programme is fantastic and living in Hong Kong has been a great experience. Great bunch of people who did the course, can’t remember if I’ve written this in another post or in a personal email. We had students from Germany, France, Sweden, the US, Canada, Korea, Norway, The Netherlands, Australia of course (including 3 of us from VU and 2 other guys from Sydney), where else…, yeh, England, Greece & Austria. So, very global but thanks to todays ‘mtv’ society (hmm), everyone got along really well and had alot in common.

Our final test for Putonghua was today and papers were also due in so it has been a fairly academic last couple of days for me. I wrote mine on the sustainable development of China and the need to pursue alternative routes to those taken by the west, putting in some Daoist and Confuciun philosophy for good measure. Although it wasn’t the best thing i’ve ever written (I only had about 2 weeks to work on it) it is not too bad, although not always following strict academic convention :).

Hmm, probably should write something else now, gotta try and bring some stories up from memory…

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